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Anonymous asked: Wanna bone?

Whoa I’m a classy broad, gotta wine and dine this bitch.


*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

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What I believe if you don’t… bye.

The one thing I hate is when people say things happen for a reason … really and what’s the reason for trying to take my dad away from me why…. it’s not fair and I know life isn’t fair but what’s the reason for trying to take the one person that I truly have in my life away from me. Why because this world and universe is a cruel nasty place it’s repulsive to think that a person who lives a shit life and does nothing with it is the picture of health and a single father trying to take care if his family is wronged every step of the way and his life is being dangled in front of him like some sick joke. Things happen for a reason huh fuck that fuck all that bullshit that’s a shitty saying to live by, and anyone who does is pathetic.


Once you start getting your life where you want it to be and figuring out what you want in life…. you come to realize that after everything you’re alone because you decided to work all the time rather then spend time with friends you chose to disconnect yourself with the people that matter just because you needed to focus on things … now all you want to do is run away from it all… because you’re lonely.